the interrogations of shamshouma

For UNHCR, a Crisis is just another day in the office

I saw this amazing poster in one of the NGO offices I visited, I had to restrain myself not to burst out laughing while vomiting in my mouth

Hello, we are UNHCR, we take pictures of places of conflict and re-appropriate them to show how hard and tiring it is for us to work and solve these conflicts, because, you know, we are kind of like that movie with Nicolas Cage, The City of Angels. We are jaded angels who help humans when they suffer. We also juxtapose pictures of Angelina Jolie next to Dying Somali kids, Syrian refugees and any kind of African women, so that the image is bearable enough to look at in order to donate money and save those dying Africans and Arabs
We are amazing, except when we bully, racially harass and arrest Sudanese asylum seekers on strike in Lebanon to demand their right for refugee status, but we did that because these people do not appreciate our angel-like work, ma32oul?! Nice to meet you, what do YOU do to make the world a better place?l


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